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benefits.market is an online tool, available to each Employer and each Intermediary (together, ‘Users’) using pensionsync. These terms will apply to all use of benefits.market, in addition to the pensionsync User Service Terms (January 2017 edition) (‘pensionsync Terms’), which can be accessed here Capitalised words in these terms have the same meanings as those given to them in the pensionsync Terms.

An increasing number of specific third party financial services providers has agreed to disclose to benefits.market, in confidence, the algorithms they use to price their market offerings.

This enables pensionsync to offer Users the opportunity to use the benefits.market tool to identify products and services that may be of interest to them, and to display to Users price illustrations for products and services offered by those third parties.

The benefits.market tool is able to create such illustrations by analysing Employer’s Payroll Data and User Data directly on pensionsync, and without the User’s data at any time leaving the safe custody of pensionsync.

If you as a User choose (by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button) to pursue a price illustration by making an application to a third party provider, benefits.market staff will access the Employer’s Payroll Data and User Data for the specific purpose of processing the application (including contacting the Employer by phone/email), and submitting the application to the third party provider. This may include disclosure of Employer’s Payroll Data and User Data to the third party provider, and by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button, you authorise such disclosure.

benefits.market will not otherwise share or allow third party access to Employer’s Payroll Data and User Data, or permit its own staff to access such data, without the User’s prior express consent.

Users may at any time request deletion of Employer’s Payroll Data and User Data from benefits.market, by contacting pensionsync@support.com

benefits.market acts as an information provider, but does not offer regulated financial advice, meaning that it will show a User products and services offered by third party providers. Users requiring financial advice should consult an Independent Financial Advisor (‘IFA’).

benefits.market acts independently, and although it shows products and services offered by a range of third party providers, it does not cover the whole of the market, meaning that other potentially relevant products and services may also be available, but not displayed on benefits.market.

benefits.market may receive commission payments from third parties with whom Users may contract, and advance disclosure of any such commission will be made in any illustration that may be presented by the benefits.market tool.

benefits.market and pensionsync are trademarks of, and are owned and operated by, systemsync solutions ltd, a company incorporated in England, company number 09326325, whose registered office is at Glantaf Office, Llanfallteg, Whitland, Carmarthenshire SA43 0UT and whose trading address is The Matrix Complex, 91 Peterborough Road London SW6 3BU. systemsync solutions ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’), and authorised inter alia to provide non-advised insurance broking services, under registered number is 781595.

These terms and any non-contractual disputes or claims between the parties are governed by the laws of England & Wales, whose courts shall have sole jurisdiction in relation to all matters arising.

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