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Become an Introducer

Do you run client payrolls? If so, then you can easily become a benefits.market introducer

We believe that all advisers to small business owners have a responsibility to raise the topic of protection with their clients.

If someone doesn’t have an income because they have fallen ill, or if the breadwinner dies, their wealth, mortgage and pension are all at jeopardy. This is true for proprietors of businesses as well as their employees.

Partnering with benefits.market means that accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaus can offer their clients a way of buying valuable protection and health insurances for their businesses without the need to refer them to an external financial adviser.

At the same time, the inherent link between pensionsync and benefits.market also significantly lowers the costs of providing clients with payroll and pensions automatic enrolment administration services.

2 advantages. One for you and one for your client.

Significantly lower your internal cost of providing client automatic enrolment services by using our unique pensionsync technology in your business.

Join hundreds of accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaus throughout the UK who are now working with pensionsync & benefits.market

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Help your clients protect themselves and their businesses via competitive employee benefit packages displayed on benefits.market.

Expand your range of services to include employee benefits

Partnering with benefits.market means that, as an accountant, bookkeeper or payroll bureau, you can offer your clients a way of buying group risk benefits without the need for you to be regulated or needing to refer your clients to an external financial adviser.

Connect your internal financial planners to your payroll customers

If your practice has an internal financial planning team then our technology perfectly complements those services. benefits.market efficiently opens up new opportunities with your smaller clients. Our platform saves hours of time by instantly automating the creation, comparison and distribution of indicative prices for all popular employee benefit insurances. Any inbound employee benefit questions are directed to your FP team via email or in realtime via our embedded chat tools.

Customer success stories

These companies are using pensionsync to reduce the burden of automatic enrolment

How can I become a benefits.market introducer?

To become a benefits.market introducer you need to use a software tool provided by one of our software partners. Click here to see our partners, and choose the best payroll software tool for your business.

Please ask one of our support specialists via web-chat, and we’d be happy to discuss the various options to enable you to choose the best software provider for your business.