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Flu Jabs and Eye Tests

Why buy Flu Jabs and Eye tests?

Flu is one of the most frequent causes of short-term illness and absence from work.

All employers are required by law to provide their staff with eye tests on request, where they are in roles that require them to regularly work with screens (visual display units - VDUs).

How does this help my staff?

Flu jabs obviously reduces the rate of illness over the winter months: providing them with a better work and home life.

Eye tests help tackle problems early, reducing eyesight issues, headaches and giving them an early warning system on things like diabetes.

What are the benefits to my business?

Flu jabs are an extremely cost effective way of lowering your absence management costs over the winter.

Eye tests are often a legal requirement; providing them as a benefit turns a potential source of friction into something staff appreciate. Also it makes budgeting easier as the potential cost of glasses as a result is included.

Flu jabs and eye tests are both tax deductible and neither have any P11D consequences for your staff