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About Us

Our Vision

Imagine a country where employers of 100 or fewer staff had the same opportunities as large ones to bestow financial protection on their staff, help recruit/retain talent and to tax efficiently protect their businesses?

Well, the UK is that country. Over 98% of all businesses in the UK have fewer than 100 staff. But, in terms of employee benefits, they are not deemed sufficiently important to provide a competitive market.

We disagree. These businesses are vital for our economy. We know. We are one of those businesses and we provide employee benefits to our staff.

benefits.market is our contribution to the debate

Your data is protected

  • We're GDPR compliant, and have been audited by NTA Monitor - a leading data security consultancy
  • We're registered with Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), with number A8348502
  • Your data is stored on the secure pensionsync platform, as trusted by Aviva, Legal & General, NEST, Xero and other major companies
  • Your data is encrypted with bank level AES 256 technology
  • pensionsync is hosted on Microsoft’s ISO/IEC27001:2013 certified Azure cloudinfrastructure in European data centres

What’s special about benefits.market?

benefits.market is securely connected to pensionsync: the data exchange used by leading payroll software companies to deliver data to automatic enrolment pension providers.

Every employer that uses pensionsync is given a free benefits.market account. Once activated, the technology automatically generates comparison tables based on analysis of payroll data, as payroll data flows through pensionsync.

The powerful combination of pensionsync + benefits.market has the capability to both lower the burden of automatic enrolment for employers and their payroll agents, and simultaneously find and present value for money group risk insurance and protection policies.

benefit.market’s technology can generate prices for insurance policies and display them in comparison tables in fractions of a second, removing the need for employee benefit consultants to perform the same tasks manually. Employers can often grossly overestimate the cost of these foundation life and sickness benefits, and can be reluctant to appoint an advisor to obtain quotes. Furthermore, advisors are not motivated to seek out and win business from smaller employers because of the smaller commissions associated with SME group policies. These barriers (to efficient life insurance distribution for smaller employers) are overcome by our technology.