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Private Medical

Why buy Private Medical Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance is considered by employees to the blue ribbon of benefits. It is a badge of honor that shows that your employer values you.
The real difference is that chronic or acute illnesses can be treated more quickly and effectively, providing both peace of mind for your employees and better absence management for you.

How does this help my staff?

Faster treatment improves health and reduces anxiety. Chronic conditions requiring medication or surgery can be treated earlier, reducing the inconvenience of waiting lists on home and work lives.
Even employees without current medical issues appreciate this benefit above all others, meaning that PMI can play an important role in retention and recruitment.

What are the benefits to my business?

Private Medical Insurance is the crème de la crème: a status symbol for employees. It evidences that their employers care about their well-being.
With PMI, treatment for employees is not only quicker and reduces sick days, but it also enables better planning for larger treatments as business planning is not dependent on NHS waiting lists.